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The Human Design System

Ra Uru Hu – Founder and Messenger of the Human Design System

Since 1987 he dedicated his life to inform the world. As a 5/1 ego manifestor he brought the initiative spark – now it is up to us to kindle the fire. A true 5th line profile on the Cross of the Clarion, designed to universalize the message, he did a great job.

Now that the method is clearly laid out it is the job of generators to get the work going, it is the job of examples and role models, to let others see how fulfilling it is to be yourself, it is the job of wise projectors to guide the energies and it is the job of watchful reflectors to report and comment on how we are doing.

In 2000 Ra entrusted the first couple of national organisations to teach and spread the HDS. Some more have followed since.

MANN lilaHuman Design System

Here is a list of links to general information about the Human Design System. THE KEY IS FREE. The basic information about your design is freely available and starting with the basics and following your type and strategy it is the only way to become your true self (again).

BG 5 (Base Group 5)

The most practical and material application, the BUSINESS side of the Human Design System is ‘BG5’ (Base Group 5). Material ease and security is part of everybody’s design.
Here is a list of links to general information about BG5 in:

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